Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs….

Wedding SignsJamaica Engagement party sign

Susan has a thing for signs and always wanted a directional sign post with fun signs on it.  Last year she put one together with scraps of  reclaimed wood and paint.  We put it up in a corner of our pool area.  We loved how it came out.  We put signs for all locations for our family members, a fun vacation spot for the family, even our local, small corner store!  When people saw it, they wanted one too.  We decided to add it to our website and see what happened.  The first order came in right away for 11 signs for a destination wedding!  We added some special destinations that people enjoy, such as Key West and those have sold well too.  We have worked with brides to coordinate their colors, have done signs for beach houses and even a high end rental property.  Susan is the sign maker and she especially loves adding the designs specific to each location.  Lately we have also done some ecofriendly chalkboard directional signs.  See our signs here and


About therightjack

Handcraft cribbage board coffee tables, handpainted custom signs, wreaths, gift bags

One response to “Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs….

  1. Fun signs!

    Btw, sorry to hear your bread pudding addiction become so dangerous you had to quit. ;D

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