3rd Cribbage Table Donation by The Right Jack

The Right Jack donates cribbage table to Broadview Assisted Living Community in Winchendon, MA

The Right Jack donates cribbage table to Broadview Assisted Living Community in Winchendon, MA

Shown in photo, Karen Silvia, resident and cribbage player Jay Silvia and David Pearson, The Right Jack.  January, 2013



Natural Wood Cribbage Table

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Do options drive you crazy or are you happy to have choices?
We like the chance to personalize your purchase when you order your cribbage table from
The Right Jack.
You have a choice of finish: High Gloss, as seen on commercial bar tops or a subtle matte satin finish.
On several of our cribbage tables you also have a choice of the color of your game lines.

The standard is black game lines, but on all our natural (wood) cribbage tables you now have the option to choose

black, blue, green, red, teal or burgundy game lines.
Our black cribbage table has always been made with gold lines to match “Hitchcock” furniture.

We now offer you the option of silver game lines.
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Cribbage WorldHave you ever noticed there is a magazine for everything?  Even if you love the game of cribbage, you may not know that the American Cribbage Congress puts out a monthly magazine, available in print and online.  One of the feature columns is “Cribbage Board of the Month” by Jay Fulwider of Washington state.  This month’s featured board is from The Right Jack.  Jay also goes into some of the history of the game of cribbage, invented around 1640 by Sir John Suckling.

Check out the American Cribbage Congress for regional and National tournaments, as well as local grass roots clubs and of course, some great articles.