Cribbage WorldHave you ever noticed there is a magazine for everything?  Even if you love the game of cribbage, you may not know that the American Cribbage Congress puts out a monthly magazine, available in print and online.  One of the feature columns is “Cribbage Board of the Month” by Jay Fulwider of Washington state.  This month’s featured board is from The Right Jack.  Jay also goes into some of the history of the game of cribbage, invented around 1640 by Sir John Suckling.

Check out the American Cribbage Congress for regional and National tournaments, as well as local grass roots clubs and of course, some great articles.



A truly great Florida dog beach and a find: Salty Dog Gallery and Gifts in beautiful Fort Myers Beach, Florida

There is a great dog beach in southern Florida on the Gulf coast, Bonita Beach Dog Park.  You can take your dog there, as long as it is friendly and sociable.  That describes our black lab, Cool Hand Luke, AKA Luka.  We brought him on a recent trip to Florida.  It was like taking your kids to Disney World!  The dog beach is just south of the very famous beach area of Fort Myers Beach.  On our way out, we happened to pass by a great store.

We just had to pull over and check out the Salty Dog Gallery.

Have you ever instantly felt “at home” when you walked into a store?  That is the only way I can think of describing this place.  The owners, so real, warm and friendly are on premises.  They invite you to look around and we were instantly delighted.  Treasures are found in every corner, above and below and yet, its airy and uncluttered – nautical gifts and antiques, unique artisans signs, sculptures, one of a kind furniture, unusual dog and cat gifts, and so much more in this tropical feel gallery.  Do you secretly love mermaids?  You’ll find them here in rare works of art.

Carla told us the store is in its new location, at 2555 Estero Blvd (the main beach road) in Fort Myers Beach, Florida as of this past Thanksgiving.  They only moved a short distance from their previous location, but have more room.  If you are in the area, I definately recommend that you stop in.  Prepare to be delighted and amazed around every corner! You will want to tell your friends of this great find.  Please tell Carla and Peter that you heard about their great gallery on our blog.  …and say hello to their “Salty Dog,”  Brady!

Coffee Table + Art + Cribbage Board

This year we decided to add some art work to our cribbage tables.

This is our first one.

A New Year – Cribbage Board Coffee Table in Saltwater blue

On New Years Day, Etsy featured this table in its Email newsletter to all subscribers.  We had almost a thousand views that day to this listing and to

our shop on Etsy:

An exciting start to the new year!

This table is one of our best sellers.  The color is a beautiful soft blue reminiscent of Caribbean waters – perfect at your beach house or lakeside cabin.

Hello from The Right Jack!

How did I get started making cribbage board coffee tables?  Good question.

Our family always played cribbage.  Years ago, as my mother got older, she would get lost on the small back and forth cribbage boards.  I decided to find her a larger board, but couldn’t find one the right size and with a continuous track.    I decided I would have to make it for her.

As I was planning out the cribbage board, it turned out to be the size that would make a great coffee table.  Viola!  The cribbage board coffee table was born.

When I presented it to her, she cried.  She loved it and couldn’t wait to show it to all her friends.  Oh, oh, now continued demands came in (yes, demands) but I had a full time job and a family.  I didn’t have time for that.  My mother twisted my arm a bit, after all, these were her friends.  Ok, so I made some more.

That was the end until I retired.  I started making them again.  I started making just the natural wood.  Then I branched out to a few colors for fun and variation.  Those who have purchased my cribbage tables love the fun aspect of the furniture as well as the function of a game board table.  They tell me it enhances their enjoyment of the game.

There is nothing I like better than hearing their stories of playing on a cribbage board coffee table that I made.

Tell me your stories.  I can’t wait to read them!